Thursday, August 1, 2013

55 Reading Questions (31-40)

31. How do you feel about giving bad/negative reviews?
If I truly hate a book, I probably won't post a review of it, but in general I actually don't have a problem with writing negative or critical reviews. I stick to judging the book (not the author as a person), and make sure that I can provide reasons for my opinion, but I think that critical/negative reviews are important for readers trying to decide if a certain book is right for them.

32. If you could read in a foreign language, which language would you chose?
I think French. I feel like that would just be a really pretty language to read in.

33. Most intimidating book you’ve ever read?
Probably The Hobbit in eighth grade. It was huge and dense and boring and I was just like, seriously?

34. Most intimidating book you’re too nervous to begin?
Hmm. I don't know.

35. Favorite Poet?
I don't have a favorite. I like Emily Dickenson and e.e. cummings a lot, so maybe one/both of them.

36. How many books do you usually have checked out of the library at any given time?

37. How often have you returned books to the library unread?
Very rarely.

38. Favorite fictional character? 
Agent 99. Unless we're talking from books only, in which case I don't know. It's too hard to choose. Maybe Peeta Mellark? Maybe Melanie Wilkes? 

39. Favourite fictional villain?
Seigfreid. But again, if we're talking books only then I don't have an answer for this. Because in general I don't like villains.

40. Books I’m most likely to bring on vacation?
I bring my Bible any time I travel, but as for "fun reading," I'd bring whatever I'm looking forward to reading. I took a trip recently and brought Sarah Dessen's latest, The Moon and More (although that was definitely not a vacation). I'm also likely to bring used books that I don't have to worry too much about whether they get messed up.

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