Thursday, September 27, 2012

undercover reads

I have exactly one book atop my bookcase to be read. I've recently read The Weird Sisters (good, not mind-blowing) and the second and third books in the Threads trilogy by Sophia Bennett (absolutely, positively ah-mazing). And now all I have left is one book and no job and oh dear oh dear oh dear.


Today I thought I'd give a little love to the recently-published books (this year or possibly the last) that I've read and loved but haven't seen get much in the way of publicity.

1. Mothership, by Martin Leicht & Isla Neal

This book is so good. So ridiculously good. Funny and sweet with a kick-butt heroine I can't help but love to bits. It's the first in a planned series (trilogy?) and I'm so hoping it doesn't end up cancelled like a few other series I've loved. Evie is a feisty, smart teenage girl who has made some questionable decisions and now finds herself fighting evil aliens. It's a sci-fi comedy and it's great fun. Read it.

2. Wicked Jealous: A Love Story, by Robin Palmer
Body image is a tricky thing to tackle and this book handles it excellently while at the same time being an incredibly sweet story of a girl (Simone) coming out of her shell. It's also a modern-day Snow White, and the "dwarves" alone are worth reading it for -- Simone's cast of college boys (her older brother and six of his friends) who are looking after her is often hilarious and heartwarming and ahhhh, this is totally (in my opinion) the best of Robin Palmer's books to date.

3. Fangirl, by Ken Baker
To be fair, this one isn't out until October but I can't stop myself from telling you guys how cute and perfect it is. Prepare for much more spazzing out once it actually hits shelves. 

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