Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Tuesday Ten: Novels I'd Save In Case of Fire, Etc.

This week's Tuesday topic from The Broke and the Bookish is books we'd save in case of some sort of disaster (you know, like fire, or alien invasion... whatever). To make things easier on myself I'm limiting my list to novels -- no nonfiction, no short stories, no essays. With a lot of these books the specific copy I own has some sort of value to me so it's not just about the story within it.

1. Shatter Me
Tahereh Mafi
For starters, I love this book. Love. Somehow it just really struck a chord with me. But also my copy is signed from when I met Tahereh at her book launch, which makes it extra-special. Yes, yes, yes.

2. Before I Fall
Lauren Oliver
I remember so clearly the day I read this book. It started with a somewhat-scary doctor visit and ended with an eight-hour blackout of the whole city. It was a weird, surreal sort of day and this was the perfect book for me to be reading at the time. It's catapulted to being one of my all-time favorite reads -- both the book and the experience behind it.

3. Sweethearts
Sara Zarr
Another of my all-time favorites, this is a book I've read multiple times. The book jacket is bent (boo) and I have some messy notes inside, passages highlighted. In some ways I feel like this book was made just for me it feels so personal.

4. Anna and the French Kiss
Stephanie Perkins
Another book I've written and highlighted in, this is without a doubt one of the sweetest books out there. Total flailing awesomness. (You know, flailing... like when you can't really explain it in words, so you just sort of fling your arms about and shout "IT'S SO GOOD!" Which is sort of how I tried to explain Downton Abbey to my sister this morning.)

5. serafina67: *urgently requires life*
Susie Day
There are so many great things about this book and this copy of the book in particular. The book itself is like if you took me and shrunk me down into book format: I'd be this book. Serafina and I are the same person, I'm convinced of it. But also! I very, very randomly found an ARC of this at one of the book readings I did for Red years ago. I had no idea what it was about but was lucky enough to get to take it and keep it and OMG MORE FLAILING IT'S SO GOOD!!!

6. If I Stay
Gayle Forman
I could (and would) quickly acquire another copy of this book if something ever ever happened to my hardcover. But nothing better happen to this hardcover because not only is it one of my favorite books, but what Gayle Forman wrote when she signed it is one of the best things any author has written to me. 

7. Hold Still
Nina LaCour
Sometimes the best books are ones that are a surprise, that you haven't heard much (or anything) about before reading, and that's definitely this book for me. I was sent an ARC, I read it, and I love it so much. One of the best "grief YA" novels for sure for sure for sure. Plus, I really love the ARC for some reason.

8. Bittersweet
Sarah Ockler
So many reasons for this book being on this list, but the biggest has got to be that, like with If I Stay, what Sarah Ockler wrote inside to me is one of my favorite author signings ever. Sarah Ockler has been such an inspiration and so helpful to me that I wish I could include more than just this book of hers on the list.

9. Some Girls Are
Courtney Summers
Another signed book! This one has a picture of a werewolf with its head on fire that Courtney Summers drew inside of it. And you just don't get any more crazy awesome than that, really.

Just Kidding
But really, I have a huge list here of books I'd like to be on this list and I just can't choose only one, so we'll leave this at nine with an empty space to represent all our unfulfilled hopes and dreams. (Or just more books.) (Yes, NAME THAT REFERENCE, which I may have used before.)


  1. Loved reading your reasoning behind each book - and that so many of them are so special to you. I would definitely want to take any signed copies of books I had.

  2. A bunch of your books are on my TBR pile and the rest are ones I've LOVED! I guess we have similar taste in books. ;) I hadn't really heard much about Hold Still but I guess I'll have to check it out, now that I hear you like it so much.

    Sorry, I hope this isn't weird, but when you say a reading for Red do you mean that awesome anthology written by girls?

    Love your list and all the descriptions!

    Twitter @mintmeredith

    1. Yay,I love finding someone I have similar reading tastes as. :)

      And it's not weird at all... yeah, I do mean the teen girl anthology - I wrote one of the essays in it yearrrsss ago. :)

    2. That's so cool! I love that book! My english teacher used it as an example (and we read A LOT from it) in our personal essays unit. I bet it's kinda strange looking back on it especially since all the writers are a bit older now. ;)

      Glad I didn't come across as weird and I love the blog! :)


  3. Hehe I love your answer for #10. I need to go on a reading spree - so many of your choices remind me that I am way behind in YA genre :/