Monday, October 8, 2012

no more review books.

This has been coming for a while now. For quite some time I've felt increasingly disinterested in the vast majority of the review pitches I get and even most of the books sent to me by publishers. I think it has to do with how selective (or you could say picky) I am as a reader, but it also has a lot to do with the fact that I have a wishlist 50+ books long and I'd much rather spend my time reading those books than ones I'm sent for review in most cases. Every book I accept for review is a couple hours, at best, that I will spending reading and reviewing that book, without feeling as free as I normally feel to set it down if it loses my interest.

So with all of this along with the fact that my life just got a lot busier, I've decided that I will not be accepting review books for the foreseeable future. I'll still be reviewing, rest assured -- but I'll be reviewing the books I really want to read. Books that I beg, borrow, or (most often) buy for my own enjoyment.

I have a few review pitches in my inbox right now that I'll be responding to, but from this point forward, I will no longer respond to review pitches. (Well, until and unless I open myself back up to review books.)

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