Monday, October 15, 2012

disappointing books

I recently started to read a book that seemed right up my alley. A contemporary YA, heavy on family and with a romance subplot. It's a book that I'd seen numerous raving reviews for, some of them from reviewers I trust. The writing was great. It had all the elements of a Book Jordyn Loves, but it just fell short.

I was bored. The characters and their romance didn't capture me; the main character wasn't particularly notable; and as much as I loved the family stuff some of the important players were unlikeable. The plots I was really interested in were pushed to the sidelines for plots that I didn't like much, and over halfway through the book I finally admitted defeat and set it aside.

To be honest, I'm still a little surprised I didn't love, or at least like, the book. I'm surprised I didn't have the desire to even finish a book that, by all accounts, was perfect for me. Yet it reminded me that all the right elements don't necessarily make for a five-star read, and that reading really is just as subjective as people say it is. Sometimes books you wouldn't expect are absolutely brilliant, and the ones you expect to love end up unfinished.

What book did you think you'd love but ended up not liking?


  1. Also, what sings to one reader doesn't to another. Our reading taste are so very specific to our likes that even thought the elements may be there the characters or setting or circumstances don't. Sorry you didn't love it.

  2. I agree with LM - it definitely depends on the reader of the book. I know there are some books that people absolutely RAVED about, but I don't think would necessarily appeal to me personally.