Saturday, May 26, 2012

All The Books: May 26, 2012

Aside from the book I abandoned this week (172 Hours On The Moon), this has been a really good reading week. Both A Million Suns and The Summer I Learned to Fly were so much better than I was expecting. A Million Suns is maybe the best YA sci-fi I've read that's not straight dystopia and I love that it's total sci-fi. And The Summer I Learned to Fly was exactly right up my alley.
Alright, with the books I've added to my wanting list this week I guess I should mention how I decide what books I add to this list. Basically: anything that looks interesting gets added to the list and then every month or so I go through and delete a bunch of books that I know I probably won't actually read. Shine Shine Shine is one book that looks interesting (published this coming July) while Cold Hands, Warm Heart is one that a few Twitter buddies recommended after I mentioned that I'd like to read stories about heart transplants.

Ahhhh I'm super-excited about both of these (yeah, I already read one of them...) since they're contemporary YA and they both look really cute.

& A SONG...
"Watching You Watch Him" - Eric Hutchinson

I always seem to really like songs that have sad lyrics but super-happy music, so this one's definitely one of my recent favorites. (Also it should be noted that Khy, from Frenetic Reader, started adding music to this meme first and I just loved the idea.)


  1. I knew you'd like The Summer I Learned to Fly. It's one of my absolute favorites. I hope you like In Honor--I found it slow to start, but ended up really enjoying it.

    1. In a lot of ways In Honor sounds like so many other contemporary YAs, but I saw the author talk at the LA Times Festival of Books and she seemed really awesome and I like the whole thing that the book is about the mc's big brother, so I hope I like it, too.

      & yes, The Summer I Learned to Fly = AMAZING.

  2. A Million Suns was super good! Also, I love this song-- a new jam for sure.

  3. Eep. It's a bit of a stretch to call "Across the Universe" science fiction (much less "total" sci-fi). It's a romance that happens to take place in a space ship. Maybe it gets a lot more science fiction-y in the sequel (which I skipped), but the first book is super disappointing if you're expecting anything other than "Twilight" in space.

    And I thought 172 Hours was great! What turned you off?