Sunday, April 28, 2013


My blogging lately has not been up to snuff, for various reasons. Mostly it just seems so daunting. I went for months where I wasn't blogging simply because I didn't have the time and energy, and now I find myself at a loss for what to post about. I still love writing reviews and making lists, but I no longer have the inclination to write posts as often as I used to, at least not with the quality that I always wanted from my posts. It takes a lot of time and a lot of thought and while I constantly want to post book-related thoughts, pictures, lists, and reviews, it often seems like what I want to post isn't worth an actual blog post.

Also, I've been fielding tons of spam comments, which has me terribly annoyed with Blogger altogether, as does the fact that I always have a hard time including pictures in my posts.

Also I've been browsing tumblr quite a bit... (can you tell where this is headed?)...

and while I don't want to give up book blogging (I've grown quite attached to it), the idea of shorter posts, of being able to post just a picture or a quote without feeling like I'm just wasting a blog post, really appeals to me. I don't love that tumblr doesn't have a built-in comment system, but I am seriously considering switching over to a shiny new book blog on tumblr.


  1. Let us know what you decide to do! I hardly ever comment on blogs I read, but that doesn't mean I love them less. I understand how sometimes wanting to post less gives us a bad feeling. But if that is your decision, go with it!

  2. I think you just gotta do what works for you! If Tumblr's where you wanna be, then go for it! I'll read your blog no matter what platform!

  3. I've heard of a some other book blogs on Tumblr. It's completely possible and it sounds like it'd be the right fit. :)