Monday, March 18, 2013

some quotes.

I don't remember what I used to blog about, or I do but I can't think of anything new today even though I want to post something (I miss blogging), so here are other people's words from some novels.

Nothing goes away, Esteban says, after a long time passes. Not the things you remember, and not the things you still want.
-Small Damages, by Beth Kephart

I have already been torn to pieces
by you,
and pasted myself together again.
-Reunited, by Hillary Graham (Summer's journal)

What more could you ask of a person, Peter thought, than to risk all that they were for all they believed they could be?
-You Are Here, by Jennifer E. Smith

This particular story -- the Civil War, the best and worst of a whole country -- gave him a firm sense of hope that anything and everything could be repaired. Even the worst struggles could end in reunion.
-You Are Here, by Jennifer E. Smith

I do the right thing. I don't give up. I do it all with a smile on my face. I've always believed that I'm a good person.
What if I'm not.
-Reached, by Ally Condie (Xander)

We hold the choices of our fathers and mother in our hands and when we cling on or let them slip between our fingers, those choices become our own.
-Reached, by Ally Condie (Cassia)

Everyone can be fixed; it has to be that way, it's the only thing that makes sense.
-Before I Fall, by Lauren Oliver

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